Viral Video Shows Men Attacking Teens At A South Africa Resort


An investigation is underway after a group of teens were attacked on Christmas Day at a resort in South Africa.

Free State police were called to the Maselspoort Resort and Conference Centre on Christmas Day after a group of black teens were attacked by a group of white men.

A viral video floating around shows a 13 and 18 year old boy being attacked at the resort. The men were seen pulling the teens hair, choking and hitting them. One of the teens trying to help was also attacked and thrown into the pool. While the teen was in the water a man appeared to be trying to drown him.

The incident went on for several moments before it was broken up.

The parents told authorities that, “As we were relaxing the boys came and told us that they are being prevented from using the pool by a group of white adult males. They said they were told by the men that the pool is only reserved for people who are booked here. We then went to the pool to intervene and told the gentlemen that we are also booked here and not day visitors. So we thought the issue was resolved but were shocked to hear that they were attacked after we left.”

The police said they would speak with everyone and investigate the situation as an assault case. Family members of the teens were outraged and said the men should face attempted murder charges.

The men have been charged with common assault and have been told to appear in court on a date set by the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court.

At this time the resort has not released a statement condemning the man’s actions.

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