Walmart Thinking About Switching To Self Checkout Only At It’s Stores


Self Checkout machines have been on the age for quite some time, but now there at an all time high with being in every store across the country.
Especially in fast food places, local grocery stores, hardware stores, and etc, seeing as they give you the option of using self checkout or to have a cashier still scan your groceries for you.
However Walmart has decided to try using all self checkout only, by using an experiment in one of there store branches, they have decided to see how the customers react to only having the self checkout option.
In Fayetteville, Arkansas, the company has used that location to carry out the experiment, and if things go well there, they plan to move this idea on to the rest of there stores across the country.
Walmart has stated that they want this to make it easier for both customers and associates.

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