Washington Cheerleaders Angry About Topless Pictures Revealed in Jon Gruden Controversy


On Monday, it was reported that inappropriate pictures of Washington cheerleaders were  shared by coaches through email.

These photos were apart of the same emails that exposed Jon Gruden, the Raider’s head coach. He used many racist, homophobic, and misogynistic words in his messages. Gruden quit his job on Monday.

Members of the squad say that messages depicting them topless from a prior swimsuit photoshoot video was supposedly sent by Gruden to the former general manger of WFT, Bruce Allen.

In the 10-minute recording, WTF staffers were seemingly told to take behind the scenes photos to make a video showing bare nipples and pubic areas as women changed their attire or walked around.

Many cheerleaders complained and a lawsuit was filed. A settlement was made out of court. In July, the NFL received a $10 million fine. Then, this summer, the case was opened again, and the emails were uncovered.

The cheerleaders now want to see the full report and outcome on the investigation.


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