Washington Commanders Criticized Over ‘Statue’ Honoring Sean Taylor


Before Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons, the Washington Commanders displayed a new tribute to safety Sean Taylor, who was murdered on that day, back in 2007.

However, the tribute to Taylor has seemingly upset many Commanders fans.

The “statue” of Taylor is more similar to a mannequin that the Commanders got from a team store at FedEx Field. It was also set up with errors that many pointed out on the internet, including the cleats that weren’t right, and the old, worn out socks on the statue, too.

“Nike jersey, Reebok pants, Adidas soccer cleats. Incredible,” one person tweeted.

“This can’t be serious. This is a gift shop, correct?” someone else tweeted.

The Commanders have attempted to honor Taylor before this, as well and that went bad, too. This was when they named a street close to FedEx Field after him, and painted the number “21” on the sidelines. But, errors were made then, also, which included the road being re-dedicated in front of porta-potties and the sideline number tribute being painted where VIPs stand.

With all of this, many have expressed the idea that when the organization moves to a new stadium, maybe a permanent statue of Taylor should be put into place.

But for now, many Commanders are expressing their disappointment about what has occurred the last two seasons when attempting to pay tribute to Taylor.


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