Weapon Offenses Could Be Wiped Away Under New Law


Governor Greg Abbott signed a law that notates people can carry a handgun without taking a class or obtaining  a permit. Now, this bill may assist in clearing people’s criminal record.

Moreover, some charges that the DA are looking into are related to arrest for unlawfully carrying a weapon. Additionally, this will happen during the DA’s annual expunction expo. This event is normally for citizens who have been arrested but not convicted of a crime.

“But the point is a conviction has never, ever been eligible for expunction period of any offense. Never. And now, this particular statue does allow that. And my point is, I don’t think people understand that that’s embedded in that,” DA John Cruezot noted.

The expo is a free event that matches volunteer lawyers with people to aid in clearing criminal records. Furthermore, it has assisted nearly 1,000 people.



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