Wendy’s Removes Lettuce From Sandwiches Due To E. Coli Outbreak


Wendy’s locations in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, are pulling lettuce from its sandwiches after several people have reported getting sick. One person in Indiana got sick, as well.

On Friday, the Center For Disease Control said that they are attempting to figure out if romaine lettuce is where an E. coli outbreak has caused 37 people to become ill.

The CDC reported that it isn’t known if romaine lettuce from grocery stores is connected to the E. Coli outbreak. They added that they are not encouraging people to stop eating at Wendy’s or not to eat romaine lettuce entirely.

Wendy’s says that the lettuce used for salads aren’t the same as they use for sandwiches.

They also say that they are cooperating with the CDC.

“As a company, we are committed to upholding our standards of food safety and quality,” Wendy’s commented in a statement.

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