Wendy’s Shift Manager Pours Hot Grease On Customer in Drive Thru


A Wendy’s manager was arrested after he poured hot cooking grease on a customer that complained about their food being cold.
Demarrus Pritchett,23 got into a verbal altercation with Zayveon Johnson through the drive thru of a Tennessee Wendy’s that he was working at Tuesday night.
During that time surveillance footage caught Pritchett arguing with the customer in the drive thru before he walked to the kitchen and grabbed a deep fryer full of hot grease.
He then returned to the drive thru and poured the grease on the customer through the window.
The customer was transported to a nearby hospital with serious injuries to his left arm.
Pritchett was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. He is currently out on bond.
It was said that Johnson was “ harassing Pritchett over the course of several weeks about dogs.”


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