Wheel Thieves Are Back In Texas, Leaving Vehicles On Blocks


Wheel thieves have returned, leaving cars on blocks, in Frisco, Texas.

“It happened again. The first time it was on cinder blocks, and the second time it was on jacks,” stated Alan Castro. He first discovered that his wheels had been taken in December 2021. On July 1st of this year, he found his vehicle the same way. He had initially been thrilled to have his 2022 Toyota Corolla.

The Frisco Police Department has said that they are looking into six cases of stolen wheels. Recently, Toyota Corollas have been targeted a lot.

“They can get a set of wheels and tires off in five to ten minutes with the right equipment. They only want to get paid in cash. They’re selling a Corolla wheel worth $120 for $20…,” said an auto store employee.

Castro says that around the same time that his wheels were taken, his car was put in a service shop in Plano. Someone else contacted him and said that their wheels were stolen after their car had been in a shop in Plano, as well.

“It sucks when you’re working hard to get something better for you, and all of a sudden, someone comes and takes it,” Castro expressed.


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