Wife Shoots Husband Inside Hotel, Telling Officers, “He’s A Child Molester”


Court documents show that a woman said she shot her husband at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in D.C. because he was molesting kids.

On Thursday, around 7:40, p.m., police were called about a man who had suffered gunshot wounds on the eighth floor of the hotel. When authorities arrived on scene, the woman had already been locked inside of a room.

As police talked to the suspect, 50-year-old Shanteari Weems, of Randallstown, Maryland, through the door, she refused to come out. She then indicated that she wanted to harm herself.

When questioned on whether anyone in the room with her had been shot, Weems responded, “f— him. He’s a child molester.”

The victim then yelled to police that he was inside and had suffered gunshot wounds to his head and leg. Weems then told the victim to “shut up” and threatened his life.

At some point, authorities made it inside of the room and detained the woman. Two guns were recovered.

When talking to officers, Weems told them that she had been married to the victim for five years. She added that they reside in Baltimore, where she owns a day care. Weems disclosed that she has been getting several calls from parents, stating that her husband has been molesting their children.

She says that while on a trip to D.C., on July 20, she continuously received such calls. She became upset and brought the subject up to her husband which led to a heated dispute. As her husband began to walk towards her, she got her gun and fired it.

Weems told police that she didn’t want to kill her husband but wanted to kill herself. She said she only wanted to hurt the man.

A letter discovered in the room, revealed the same sentiments, adding that she wanted justice for the children.

Court documents also note that Weems told investigators that she doesn’t usually bring her weapons when she frequents D.C.

The husband’s condition in the hospital is unknown although police say he sustained life-threatening wounds.

Weems faces a charge of assault with the intent to kill. She had no bond and is set to appear in court on Monday.

An investigation is continuing.


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