Wife Takes Husband To Doctor For Constipation And Learns He Has Water Bottle Stuck In Rectum


A married man is healing after doctors took a 7 1/2 inch water bottle from his rectum.

The unidentified 50-year-old from Iran had gone to a hospital with his wife. She had become worried after he wouldn’t eat, had stomach pains, and was constipated.

The man, who has a history of mental illness, never disclosed his secret until it was shown to doctors through a CT scan. This was because of “embarrassment” and “fear of his wife.”

It was found that the man put the bottom end in first, allowing him to use the top as a grip to pull out.

However, when he was attempting to do so, the bottom got stuck in his large intestine.

Physicians at the Imam Khomeini Hospital in Sari didn’t say how the incident occurred. They did say these instances are usually caused by self-gratification.

The man was swiftly sent into surgery. Then, doctors removed the bottle without harming his intestine.

He was discharged from the hospital three days later.


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