Wig Shop Owner Fatally Stabbed After Attempting To Stop Teenage Robbery Suspects


Last weekend, a wig shop owner was fatally stabbed, in downtown L.A., after trying to stop two suspected robbers, authorities say.

Du Lee, 56, was named as the victim.

Close to 1:16 p.m., last Saturday, the stabbing occurred at Wall Street and Olympic Boulevard.

Lee was discovered unresponsive and not breathing by officers who had arrived on the scene. He was then declared deceased.

As an investigation took place at the location, it was found that the victim had been in a physical dispute with a male and female suspect.

The incident was captured on a witness’s cellphone. The footage reveals a man holding what seems to be a blonde wig. It was later found on the ground, next to the stabbing victim.

Police say that one of the suspects had taken out a knife and stabbed Lee several times.

The two suspects, both 17, had left the scene but were later found and arrested.

While in custody, the female suspect went live on Instagram, stating that authorities don’t know that she can take the handcuffs off. They also weren’t aware that shw had her phone. When a viewer asked what she did, she responded by saying that someone got killed, but she couldn’t give more information because there were cameras in the police vehicle.

Because they are minors, the identities of the suspects weren’t released.


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