Woman Accused of Killing Instagram Lookalike To Fake Her Own Death


A German woman is said to have killed a lookalike. She discovered the woman on Instagram in a planned out attempt to fake her death.

The woman, only identified as Sharaban K., 22, murdered beauty blogger Khadidja O., 23, in Ingolstast, Germany. This occurred last August, detectives say.

Khadidja O. had been viciously stabbed over 50 times. Her remains had been left in the backseat of Sharaban K.’s Mercedes. Sharaban K. and the person with her, her boyfriend, Sheqir K., then went into hiding.

When the body was discovered, police traced the car’s registration to Sharaban K.’s relatives. Because the corpse had been disfigured, detectives just believed that she was the victim.

Later, an autopsy report found that the real victim was Khadidja O. This lead to an investigation into the unusual case known as “the doppelganger murder” by German media.

Sharaban K. was charged with murder. This came as prosecutors say that she searched Instagram in an attempt to locate a victim who looked similar to her physical appearance.

“It has been confirmed that the accused had contacted several women via Instagram before the act, who seemed to look similar to her. It can be assumed that the suspect wanted to go into hiding, due to internal disputes with her family and fake her own death,” said Attorney General Veronika Grieser.

Detectives say that Sharaban K. found Khadidja O. on Instagram last summer and messaged her. She got her to meet up with her to give her beauty products.

After telling her parents that she was going to see her ex-husband in Munich, she and her boyfriend picked Khadidja O. up in the Mercedes.

Investigators say that eventually the couple went into a forest, and Khadidja O. was stabbed over 50 times. The couple then left the body in the car where it could be easily seen.

Authorities were shocked to learn that the victim wasn’t Sharaban K. as they had first thought. They found that she had contacted several look-a-likes. Ultimately, she had killed the woman in order to fake her own death.

Eventually, Sharaban K. was found and apprehended. This week, she was charged with murder and could receive life in prison if she is convicted.

Sheqir K. is also looking at jail time.


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