Woman allegedly drugged date and stole 600k worth of jewelry from his safe

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The woman seen in the surveillance footage has been accused of allegedly burglarizing and drugging a Miami man she had just met, police said. She is accused of stealing $600,000 in jewelry which included two Rolex watches.

The two met at The Dirty Rabbit bar in Wynwood, the unknown woman was invited back to his apartment around 5:30 a.m. on May 8th., where she allegedly drugged his drink, authorities said.

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The man passed out shortly after having one drink with the suspect, who police believe to be in her mid-30s.

The unidentified man called the police after waking up around noon and found his safe open and his jewelry missing. The woman was also gone.

Included in the expensive items she stole was a Rolex Daytona Rainbow with diamonds and a Sky-Dweller Rolex.

She is also accused of stealing a rose gold diamond ring, gold chain, Franco Gold bracelets, and  Cartier sunglasses, officers said.

Elevator surveillance footage shows the suspect arriving with the man and again leaving alone.

She’s seen holding two blue Solo cups as she makes her getaway.

The suspect is seen on surveillance footage while talking on the phone.
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“Now sometimes you might say, ‘Oh, well she’s just leaving with a Solo cup.’ No. She’s taking the Solo cup that she drank because it has her DNA. She’s taking his Solo cup because it has not only his DNA, but it also has whatever drugs she put in,” said Officer Michael Vega, an MPD spokesman, according to WSVN.

Miami police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect.

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