Woman Arrested After Admitting To Slitting 6 Year Old Boys Throat


A Missouri woman has been charged after admitting to slitting a 6 year old boys throat.

The incident happened on August 27 around 11:20pm when Natalia Jacquemin,46, called St. Charles County PD and confessed to committing a horrible crime.

According to reports Jacquemin told authorities
“ I slit his throat. I tried getting him away from his dad. I slit his neck.”
When officers arrived she told them, “ I just wanted him to rest in peace.”

The boy was rushed to an area hospital where he underwent surgery.
He survived the attack but suffered an eight inch laceration across his neck that damaged some muscles.

During the investigation officers found blood inside the home in the hallway.
They also found some knives and razors but none of them had blood on them.

Jacquemin was arrested and charged with with armed criminal action and first degree domestic assault causing serious bodily injury.
She is being held on a $2 million bond.


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