Woman Arrested After Having Six Pounds Of Cocaine Delivered To Residence


A woman in Kershaw, South Carolina, was apprehended for having close to six and a half pounds of cocaine, worth about $180,000, delivered to a residence.

Reports indicate that 6.645 pounds of what was thought to be cocaine was seized after going to the home on Feb. 13. Narcotics agents were informed about a package with cocaine that was being sent from someplace outside of the United States to the home in South Carolina.

Together, South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division, the United States Postal Inspection Service, and Homeland Security Investigators teamed up to intercept the package and have it tested to determine if it was cocaine.

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office stated that the package contained two large bricks within compressed powder that was sent to 28-year-old Quanisha Lashay Manago.

Once it was validated that it was illegal drugs, an agent posed as a post office worker to deliver the package.

Manago accepted the box, put it in a car, and got into the vehicle.

She was apprehended and charged with trafficking cocaine and possession with the intent to distribute marijuana.


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