Woman Arrested After Stealing Rolex And Placing It In Her Genitals


A woman found herself in trouble with police after she is said to have stolen a luxury Rolex watch and putting it in her genitals.

On Sunday, authorities were called to the Aria hotel in Las Vegas. A man had stated that he had been laying down with Sarah Richards, 33, when she repeatedly asked him to remove his watch off of his wrist.

He told police that he placed the watch under his pillow and kept drinking wine as Richards had asked. However, when he saw that it was gone, she “went into a panic,” and exited the room. The man said he trailed behind her, into the lobby, and grabbed security’s attention prior to police arriving.

Documents show that police couldn’t locate the watch at first. However, it was later found in her genitals.

Richards is now facing charges of grand larceny.

Police disclosed that she had a preliminary hearing on Monday for another matter. It involved residential theft and burglary charges for allegedly stealing someone else’s watch back in June. That person claimed that he had possibly been drugged at a hotel.



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