Woman Arrested At A Georgia Airport After Fatally Shooting Two People And Wounding Another


60-year-old Michael Shinners and 41-year-old Wesley Freeman were killed in a shooting that occurred outside of a condo in the Midtown section of Atlanta, Georgia, on Monday.

A woman who is alleged to have shot Shinners, Freeman, and one other person, who is healing in a hospital, has been apprehended.

Authorities said that they answered a call to the condos at 1280 West Peachtree St., close to 1:45 p.m., regarding the shooting. Then, Shinners and Freeman had been discovered shot. Freeman was taken to a medical facility where he died from his wounds.

Police then went to another location at 1100 Peachtree St. where someone else was suffering from a gunshot injury. Witnesses told police that the assailant was a woman, and that was later validated.

As authorities searched for the woman, most of the Midtown area was shut down by police. After officials and SWAT agents looked in businesses and buildings, the suspect was found at an airport and arrested. A handgun was recovered.

Police believe that the unidentified suspect had an issue with her apartment management.

An investigation is continuing.


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