Woman Attempted To Open Plane Door, Duct-taped To Seat


A woman had an apparent mental episode on a flight from Dallas to Charlotte last week.

On July 6, the woman was duct-taped to a seat on American Airlines. Witnesses say she attacked the flight crew. They also stated that the woman attempted to open the door of the airplane while in the air.

“I need to get off this plane. You need to let me off this plane,” the woman began yelling as she walked up to the exits,  banging.

The older woman is seen on a social media post with her mouth, arms, and body duct-taped to a seat.

She began yelling,” You, You,” as passengers departed flight number 1774.

American Airlines acknowledged that the woman had bitten a flight attendant, as well.

Emergency crews took the woman to a hospital when the plane landed in Charlotte.

The woman is on a “no fly” list until the investigation is completed.

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