Woman Celebrating Her Son’s 21st Birthday Upset After A Steak House In Fort Worth Calls Police On Them When It’s Time To Pay The Bill


A woman and her family are very upset after they took her son to Bob’s Steak And Chophouse in Fort Worth and were treated so badly when it came time to pay the bill.

Apparently the family had been there on multiple occasions but this time in particular the bill had a $225 gratuity added to the bill due to the amount of people at the dinner. That made the bill $1,443.45.

Well when the server ran the woman’s Chase bank card it came back declined due to the amount and a security alert with her card.

The woman said she spoke with the server and manager and said they would stay and drink their water while someone ran to the Chase bank to get the cash needed to pay the bill.

Although the manager and server stayed at our table and talked with us. The woman said not one time did they give an indication they were leaving the bill unpaid.

The manager even stood around and said how much they hate when the security alerts happen and that these things happen all the time.

While waiting 3 Fort Worth officers walked in stating that they had to stay there until the bill was paid.

The amount of embarrassment the woman says she felt as everyone sat around watching their table. The woman went on to say it just goes to show you that no matter how u dress, who you are or how much money you have they will always stereotype.

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  1. They need to STOP going to places like that spending they money…should have went to Golden Corral Buffet $10 per person

  2. We’ll surely an embarrassment but always have a back up (cash) just in case . I take my family out an always have extra debit card and cash just because i can sn no problems

  3. Light nigga, dark nigga, faux nigga, real nigga
    Rich nigga, poor nigga, house nigga, field nigga
    Still nigga, still nigga!

    Long as you are in America, no matter your status, financial or social the others will always see you as such. Stop seeking their attention and validation.


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