Woman Charged After Over 60 Pounds Of Cocaine Was Discovered In Her Luggage At Airport


27-year-old Chania Logan, of Indiana, was apprehended at Midway Airport with over 61 pounds of cocaine.

Logan has now been charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and controlled substances trafficking.

On June 4, officials intercepted baggage that belonged to Logan and someone else who was traveling with her to Midway from Los Angeles. Logan allowed the search of two of her pieces of luggage when she and the other person had gotten to the baggage claim area.

Authorities discovered about 31 pounds of suspected cocaine from Logan’s baggage. When authorities walked up to and tried to speak with the other individual, that person ran from the scene and left behind his two pieces of checked luggage.

In all, 61.7 pounds of suspected cocaine was located in four bags.

Logan was in court on June 5, and she was given an electronic monitoring device.

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  1. Father’s teach your daughters not to be so vulnerable, be in their lives and lead by example. P. S. Not assuming he was not but so many is not and this is the result

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