Woman Charged With Murder After Remains Of Ex-Police Chief Were Found In Storage Unit


The remains of an ex-police chief, 71-year-old Richard Young, have been identified after being discovered, last fall, in a west central Illinois storage unit.

Now, 50-year-old Marcy Oglesby is facing charges of first-degree murder and concealing the death of a person in the matter. She is currently in custody and has pled not guilty.

The identity of the person who the remains belonged to was disclosed on Tuesday after DNA retrieved was compared to a family member’s DNA. The remains had first been located after someone had reported an odor deriving from the unit.

Oglesby had said that the smell was from a possum that had died in the unit. Later, she admitted that there was a body concealed in a huge box that was inside.

It isn’t known how Young died, but toxicology reports indicate that he had an elevated amount of a chemical that is found in eyedrops in his system.

Authorities say that Young and Oglesby had been in a relationship.

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