Woman Discovers Husband Dead After He Sent Message, Stating He Was Being Held Hostage


32-year-old Qualin Campbell was found deceased in his work vehicle last week in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He had just moved to the state from Georgia.

Now, his wife, Talija Campbell, has been left with many questions.

Authorities say that they located two men who were deceased in the area where Talija Campbell disclosed to police that she believed her husband was being held hostage.

The wife’s lawyer said that she had gotten a message from her husband that read, “911,” and “Send Please!” He also provided his location and a picture of a man who is said to have being holding him hostage.

Although the location showed that her husband was only a mile away from the Colorado Springs Police Department headquarters, Talija Campbell says that dispatchers showed no sense of urgency. Thus, the wife went to find her husband herself.

When she arrived to the scene, the wife discovered her husband and the other male dead in the vehicle. It isn’t known if the other deceased person was the man in the photo that Qualin Campbell had sent to his spouse.

“I shouldn’t have been the one there, the first person to respond,” Talija Campbell stated.

Authorities never arrived on the scene until Qualin Campbell’s uncle called them to inform them that his nephew had been fatally shot.

The wife’s attorney has noted that no one is safe if authorities know of a possible hostage situation and don’t provide help.

No suspects have been named in the matter, and an investigation is continuing.


  1. Short staffed they say , im 5 months pregnant and i was getting choked by my childs father on memorial day…i called at 3:30 they didn’t come until 2am the next day ….anything could of happened…this makes me sooooo sad……the police has fallen short and under trained ….dispatches too

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