Woman Facing Murder Charges After Killing And Then Dismembering Her Landlord


On Wednesday evening, Chicago Police stated that a woman had been charged for killing her landlord. She is said to have used huge butcher knives to cut up her body prior to putting the body parts in her freezer.

Close to 2:30 a.m. on Monday, yelling was heard by residents in a home. They attempted to get in touch with the landlord, Francis Walker, 69. However, they got a text back saying that everything was fine. However, they later found out that the murder suspect, Sandra Kolau, 36, was actually the person that responded.

After not hearing from Walker for several hours, tenants called 911.

When officials arrived to the residence, they saw Kolau, walking to a tow truck that they later discovered she had paid for with Walker’s credit card.

As they tried to speak with the suspect, she refused, stating that she knew her rights.

Police say that many of the tenants were scared of Kolau and were worried about the tow truck driver’s safety. They exchanged information with the driver and kept in touch with him as he transported the woman to a beach where her car was located. Some of the tenants even trailed behind.

The driver informed the others that Kolau had put a large bag in the trash can. Tenants who were following them searched the garbage and discovered bloody items. They then contacted authorities, again.

When police searched the residence, they eventually found Walker’s remains in the freezer.

At the same time, authorities learned that Kolau was still with the tow truck driver and had pulled a knife on him. They were able to find the two and took the suspect into custody.

Kolau has been charged with first-degree murder and concealment of a homicide.

It is believed that Walker was killed because she had received an eviction notice.



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