Woman Fatally Poisons Boyfriend Right After He Inherited $30 Million


47-year-old Ina Kenoyer, of North Dakota, was charged Monday for fatally poisoning her boyfriend. This came after he was planning to break up with her because he had inherited $30 million just hours prior to that.

Authorities say that 51-year-old Steven Riley Jr. became sick when he was meeting with his attorney on September 3 to receive his great inheritance.

Kenoyer didn’t contact authorities until the following day. When first responders got to his residence, Riley was unresponsive.

He passed away in a medical facility the next day.

After an autopsy was conducted, it was found that Riley was killed after ingesting antifreeze that authorities say was fed to him by Kenoyer.

In the days before she was apprehended, Keyoner had claimed on Facebook that Riley killed himself.

She had told investigators that she planned on sharing Riley’s inheitance of $30 million with his son. Keyoner added that she was entitled to some of the money because she had been Riley’s common-law wife.  But, North Dakota doesn’t recognize these types of relationships.

To add, Riley had disclosed plans to break up with Keyoner right after getting his inheritance. This alerted authorities to the fact that she poisoned him to get his money, police say.

Keyoner has been charged with AA felony  murder. She will be representing herself and is being held at the Ward County Detention Center.


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