Woman Fatally Shoots Two People And Wounds Another After Her Car Was Stolen


On Wednesday evening, a woman went from being a suspected car theft victim to a suspected killer after handling a matter herself.

Now, two people have died, and another person has become seriously wounded.

Authorities say that 35-year-old Demesha Coleman tracked her stolen vehicle, a Hyundai Tucson, to the 8800 block of N. Broadway in St. Louis. There, she fatally shot a man. An innocent person was also killed in the process, and another man was seriously hurt.

At around 10:30 p.m., officers arrived to the scene and discovered 19-year-old Darious Jackson and 49-year-old Joseph Farrar unconscious and suffering from gunshot injuries. A man who hasn’t been named sustained a gunshot wound to the head.

Farrar’s relatives said that he had gone out to get medicine for his 11-year-old son who had the flu. Since the grocery store was closed, he went to the gas station to get the medicine and to get gas.

“My brother is dead because of somebody else’s mess,” said his sister.

Police apprehended Coleman at the location. She has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, three counts of armed criminal action, and one count of first-degree assault. Coleman is being held without bail.

She told police that she went to the gas station to get her stolen car. Camera footage showed Coleman go up to the SUV with another unknown man. Court documents show that both of them had a firearm.

She opened the door to the passenger side, raised her gun, and the unidentified man opened the driver’s door with his gun raised.

Coleman can be observed shooting her weapon as a shootout ensues. The unidentified man that was with her seemingly was helping her.

Officers found Jackson lying close to the Tucson and Farrar was laying close to one of the gas pumps. They both had been struck by a bullet in the torso.

Another man was located with a gunshot injury to the head at the far end of the gas station parking lot. He was transported to a medical facility.

Farrar’s sister stated that she isn’t angry with Coleman.

“I wish she would have contacted authorities, but I understand. I will be more mad at the guys who stole her car to put her in this situation because were all one just one decision away from something like that, making the wrong choice. Because when things happen, we don’t always think, it’s just a reaction. And so, I’m not mad at her.”



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