Woman Files Complaint On Wingstop In Lancaster After Not Receiving Food She Says She Paid For


A customer at Wingstop, Kima Rob, recently reported her experience at the location in Lancaster, Texas.

Rob stated that on October 2, 2022, she bought a family meal for $50.89. After her children went to the restaurant to pick up the order, they brought it home. As she started making plates, she saw that she had only received 10 wings. However, she had ordered 40. Additionally, she had only gotten 2 veggies, 1 large fry, and 5 ranch. She quickly called the store, and the manager stated that her 30 wings were there, at the location, she says.

When her children went back to Wingstop, the manager called her back and told her that her story had changed.  The children were then denied the remaining food. When Rob and her husband went to the restaurant to show what they had gotten, they were only given the number to corporate office.

The employee who handed the order to her son said that she didn’t recall who he was. The customer added that it had only been less than 30 minutes since the food had been picked up. Rob says that she quickly called 911 because she felt that it was theft, but they couldn’t give her an eta. So, the family exited the restaurant, filed a complaint, and asked for a refund from corporate.

Corporate swiftly gave her a $10 gift card, but the matter wasn’t fixed. Rob asked for somebody to get in touch with her 3 times. She received one response back, saying that the worker at the store had given her son two large bags, and they weren’t going to provide a refund.

Rob noted that the person who emailed her said that she attempted to call her, but her phone number, which she has had for multiple years, wasn’t working. She then called corporate again to validate her number, and it was correct.

After more than a week, Rob says that her husband returned to the store and was given an invalid number to call. The same worker who had not handed her son their  2 large bags was there. The employee stated that the complaint is not on her and that it is with somebody else, Rob said.

The customer says that she still hasn’t received a call back from corporate office. She has asked that they look at the cameras on that particular day.

Rob says that the incident has been humiliating, and she wants action taken. She says that she will continue to press the issue until she is refunded for the food that she never received.

“I can only imagine how many people that’s been robbed, mistreated, and discriminated against by their unprofessional staff,” she said.



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