Woman Fined After Planning To Donate Part Of Her Liver For Money And Employment For Her Son


Reports have indicated that a woman who was going to donate a portion of her liver to a man for money and employment for her son has been made to pay a fine.

Ms. K, a Korean woman in her 50s, was reported when her long stay in a hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19 became suspicious.

She had become aware that a chairman of a construction company was very sick and was in need of a liver transplant. She had talked with a worker, Mr. N, who had been a classmate of the company’s president. That person was also was the chairman’s son.

It is alleged that Ms. K had agreed to give up a part of her liver for $77,000 and a job for her son.

On March 7, she went to a hospital to have tests done prior to making the donation and was placed on the organ donor register a week following that.

She later went to the hospital for surgery but tested positive for COVID-19, causing a delay to the operation. In the meantime, a nurse became worried about the nature of the relationship between the two and reported the woman for organ trafficking.

The surgery was then halted, and the chairman died while an investigation was taking place.

Their agreement is said to have violated South Korea’s organ transplant act. It states that “No person shall give, receive, or promise to give or receive money, financial gain.”

Ms. K must now pay a $2,343 fine, and Mr. N has been sentenced to six months in prison. An accomplice was sentenced to one year in prison, as well.

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