Woman Fired From Her Job Over TikTok Video


Nicole Johnson, a single mother, was fired from her job as a teacher in May. This was because her co-worker showed Johnson’s TikTok videos to the school administration.

The video that was posted on May 14 was of Johnson drinking Starbucks. “Me telling my coworkers there is no way I can come in early cause I have kids, but yet I arrive with a Starbucks daily,” she said in the caption.

After posting that video in May Johnson was called into a meeting to discuss her social media posts. In the meeting there were full colored copies of someone taking a picture of her TikTok video.

“They whipped out this full-colored picture of someone taking a picture of someone’s phone because we can’t screenshot apparently. I could tell who was doing the pictures and whose phone, and all that, like I knew who it was instantly,” Johnson explained.

She also said that the administration that fired her thought the hashtag “FYP” means “F you people”. Johnson explains that she felt like that was a “slap in the face” knowing “FYP” means “for your page”.

“I look at them, and I was like, ‘that’s for your page,'” she said, “and I tried to explain it to them, but their all like, they’re not on TikTok, and so they tried to end it with ‘well it also means F you people.'”

Following the video in May Johnson posted another video stating why she posted that video. She says her jobs sometimes ask her to come in early. She saw a trend with people saying the same thing, so she recreated it.

“I put this TikTok out there didn’t like think anyone was going to do anything with it. I didn’t think I could get fired because I didn’t think it was unprofessional, it doesn’t swear, it’s not negative, it not harassing, it literally just me being like ‘I can’t come into work early, but I have a Starbucks,'” Johnson said in an August 11 TikTok.


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