Woman Goes To Dominican Republic For BBL And Comes Back Without A Kidney


A woman went to the Dominican Republic to get a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) but left without a kidney.

The woman’s friend Anita recorded a video about the situation and posted it to YouTube to spread awareness.

“When did it become such a trend to roll the dice?” Anita asked in the video. “I wish women had confidence and didn’t put their life on the line.”

She started to explain a tragic story about her friend who went to the Dominican Republic some months ago to get a BBL. From the beginning Anita cautioned her friend to “be careful”.

The woman went to a doctor that she had seen on Instagram of people promoting but did not do further research. In additional to the BBL, the woman got a tummy tuck and liposuction.

After the surgery, the woman started to have “body aches and headaches,” so she visited her doctor. The doctor discovered that her kidney count was low.

The doctor asked if she had recently had any surgeries within the last year which she answered yes. They proceeded with doing a CAT scan that revealed she was missing a kidney.

The woman tried to track down the doctor, but he had disappeared.

According to Anita, the woman who promoted the doctor didn’t exist and was a fake page.

“That girl was a botched, fake a*s account that was taken down,” Anita said. “It was shown that all those pictures were taken off Google. So that wasn’t even a real person.”

“If you do want to have a bigger butt, go to a doctor that you know is good,” Anita said. “If this doctor is only charging you $2,000, $1,000, $3,500- that is not a good doctor. Invest in what you put in your body always, no matter what it is.”


  1. man why do women want to do crazy things to their body i wouldnt dare let somebody operate on me be blessed with what god blessed u with n just go to the gym


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