Woman Kills Herself And 8 Year Old Daughter During Stand-off With SWAT


Dallas police are investigating after a woman shot and killed herself and her 8 year old child early Monday morning after a standoff with SWAT.
Officers responded to a domestic violence call on the 509 block of Highcrest Dr and when they arrived a male victim told authorities that he had gotten into a verbal altercation with the suspect inside and during the argument the woman pulled out a gun and opened fire on him.he was able to escape the home but says the woman was still inside with her two children.
Officers notified SWAT and upon their arrival the woman then released the 12 year old male from the residence but not the 8 year old girl.
After several failed attempts to get the woman to surrender SWAT entered the home around 6:25 in which the woman opened fire grazing one of the officers in the arm.
Officers did not return fire instead left the home.
Officers then went back into the home a few hours later and found the woman and 8 year old girl deceased from what appears to be a murder suicide.
This investigation is ongoing.


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