Woman Murders Mother Of Three Inside Of Packed Uber


After a night of partying over the weekend, a woman
in Florida shot and killed a mother of three during an argument in an Uber.

24-year-old Natalia Harrell is said to be the assailant. She had been hanging out with friends in South Beach when a male friend questioned if any other women would be with them.

Some of the females in the group provided them the social media account of Gladys Yvette Borcela, the 28-year-old victim. They then invited her to join them.

Harrell is said to have become agitated when Borcela started to “drink and dance” too much. She then ordered someone else to “get her girl under control.”

On Saturday morning, close to 2:15 a.m., Harrell, Borcela, and five other people got into a 2020 Cadillac Escalade Uber when Harrell started disputing with Borcela.

“You don’t want this. You don’t want me to go in my purse,” Harrell is said to have told the victim.

A few moments later, Harrell got into the front seat and shot Borcela one time, authorities say.

The incident was caught on a recording in the Uber. It then depicted the driver bringing the vehicle to a halt and everyone getting out, except for Borcela.

She was transported to a medical facility where she was declared deceased.

“She put her three beautiful children first and now they have to grow up and only hear memories of their beautiful mother. I don’t even know how to tell my grandbabies that someone took their mother away from us,” stated Borcela’s mother, Yvette Rivera.

Harrell was apprehended on Tuesday and is facing second-degree murder charges.

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