Woman, Pretending To Be A Nurse, Arrested After Trying To Steal Newborn Baby From Hospital


After attempting to steal a newborn infant from the hospital, a woman from California has been apprehended.

Authorities say that 23-year-old Jesenea Miron pretended to be a newly-hired nurse, by disguising herself, at Riverside University Health System-Medical Center, close to 10:30 a.m., on Thursday.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department stated that, there, she went into a patient’s room after gaining access to the maternity ward. She then “attempted to take their newborn infant.”

The suspect was approached by hospital workers who then called security. The female left from the scene before security or police officers could get there.

Early Friday morning, Miron was taken into custody, at her home, after being identified as the would-be abductor. Police discovered “additional items of evidentiary value,” as well, court documents note.

Miron is currently in the Robert Presley Detention Center and has a $1 million bond. She faces kidnapping charges and is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

Officials at the medical facility noted that security measures will be reviewed. They also will investigate “how the suspect accessed the patient’s room and interacted with the family.”


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