Woman Rescued After Being Beaten And Locked In Dog Cage


Deputies rescued a 20-year-old woman who had been beaten and secured in a feces-filled dog cage in a residence in Georgia.

She had been initially found after a former resident had gone there on Tuesday after leaving something in the home in Richmond County.

Police say that Shonna Powell stated to the man that she had held the woman as a “sex slave” until she paid back what she had unrightfully taken from her. She added that the woman was her “whore.”

“She stole a bunch of stuff from me, so she is going to be my sex slave. I am going to pimp her out until she pays me off,” Powell is reported to have said.

The man told authorities that he had heard someone at the residence say that multiple people were headed to “have their way” with the woman, police documents note.

Five people have now been charged in relation to the abduction and imprisonment. They have been identified as Shonna Powell, Anjelika Figueroa, Demichael Dawson, Savanah Piazzi, and Dawson Weston.

The woman was naked, hurt, and in emotional distress when deputies located her.

Her condition isn’t known.



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