Woman Sentenced To 30 Years For Murder of Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend


An Ohio woman received a 30 year prison sentence for her part in the 2012 murder of her husband’s ex-girlfriend.

Erica Stefanko, 38, was convicted of aggravated murder and murder of Ashley Biggs, 25.

Authorities say that Stefanko ordered a pizza from Domino’s. She knew that Biggs, a delivery driver,  would deliver it to a parking lot where she was waiting.

While Biggs delivered the order, Stefanko’s husband, Chad Cobb, waited for her. Cobb and Biggs were a former couple and were going through a custody dispute at the time.

Biggs was tased, physically abused, and choked by Cobb. He then took Biggs’s body to a remote location as Stefanko drove and followed him.

Stefanko then drove Cobb home where he cleaned himself up to hide evidence of the killing.

Cobb was given a life sentence in 2013 and is not able to be paroled.


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