Woman Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison For Sexually Abusing Baby


26-year-old Rheanna Salyer, of Taylor, Michigan, has received her punishment for sexually abusing a baby.

Salyer will serve 30 years in prison for abusing and distributing child porn.

In February 2022, Salyer had begun to talk to an undercover officer online. Police say that Sayler shared images of herself sexually abusing a baby after the officer acted as if they were sexually interested in children. Salyer had also stated that she desired to perform sex acts with the officer and the baby together.

Detectives confirmed Salyer’s identity and searched her residence. There, they found more images of child abuse, including one picture that had been taken just hours prior to the search.

Salyer’s phone had several pieces of evidence of online conversations regarding her interest in being engaged in sexual acts with children. It also contained other pictures, of minors, that were sexually explicit.

In addition to that, authorities say that in Salyer’s phone, images, that were downloaded from online and received from other individuals while chatting, were found.

Police say that Salyer confessed to taking pictures of the sexual abuse and sending them to someone else.




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