Woman Shoots Gun In Police Department Lobby, Exchanges Gunfire With Officer


A woman was apprehended after authorities say that she opened fire in a police department lobby in Connecticut. This prompted an exchange of gunfire with an officer.

On Thursday night, Suzanne Laprise, 51, went into the lobby of the Bristol Police Department, close to 10:35 p.m. Police say that she shot into a lobby front desk window multiple times. No one was sitting at the desk at the time, and the bullets didn’t go through the bullet-resistant glass.

Officers responded to the shots fired and tried to negotiate. But Laprise kept firing the weapon, aiming the weapon at officers. Although officers returned fire, their rounds didn’t penetrate the bullet-resistant glass either.

Eventually, Laprise put down her weapon and was Tasered before she was taken into custody.

No officers were injured in the occurrence.

Laprise has been charged with criminal attempt/murder with special circumstance, illegal discharge of a firearm, criminal use of a weapon, illegal carry of firearms under the use of drugs/alcohol, and many other charges.

She was placed in jail on a $3 million bond.


  1. 51 years old. She most likely got medical conditions she can’t afford. You know the only place in America with free health care? Smh but it’s true

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