Woman Shot In The Chest After Approaching Neighbor About Loud Music


On Wednesday, close to 2 a.m., a shooting occured in Converse, Texas, at the Arcadian Apartments.

Police say the victim went to an apartment above hers, regarding loud music, and knocked on the door. After someone answered the door, a dispute ensued and moved to the parking lot. Following that, the victim, a woman, was shot in the chest.

The woman made it back to her apartment where one of her young children called 911. Her children, ages three and eight, have been put in the custody of family members for now.

The mother was transported to a hospital where she underwent surgery and was in stable condition.

Although authorities searched the residence where the loud music was coming from, only other evidence, not a gun, was located.

The shooter left the scene in a vehicle and hasn’t been found as of yet.


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