Woman Who Used To Be Homeless Wins $5 Million Lottery Scratch-Off


A woman from California, who was once homeless, is now a millionaire. This comes after she won a $5 million lottery scratch-off.

Lucia Forseth has been identified by California Lottery officials as one of the newest millionaires. She had purchased the ticket at a Walmart Supercenter in Pittsburg and had been changing oil on her vehicle when she scratched off the Scratchers ticket outside of the store.

“I closed my eyes and picked that one, and it won! I first thought I’d won a free ticket, but I checked, and it said I won $5 million,” Forseth exclaimed.

“This year I’m getting married, getting my associates degree, and won $5 million. You never think you have a chance to win it. It is just random. Being homeless just six years ago, I never thought it would happen to someone like me,” she continued.

Forseth says she will be using the money to purchase a house and to invest.


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