Wylie Mother Has 8-Year-Old Daughter Take Sexually Explicit Photos to Sell


A Wylie mother has been arrested for human trafficking involving a child after authorities say she exploited her 8-year-old daughter.

According to court documents, Stacey Lee Jurik, 39, had her daughter do photoshoots and take sexually explicit photos that were sold on the internet to pedophiles.

During an extensive investigation by the FBI, evidence was collected of children across the nation being sexually exploited and photographed by Grant Durtschi.

Durtschi would help parents get their children into pornographic modeling gigs. The parents would pay to have him photograph their children and profit would then be made after pedophiles purchased the media.

FBI agents turned over video evidence to the Dallas Police Department of Jurik “propping” the 8-year-old in a sexual manner. According to records, the photoshoots were held in multiple locations across North Texas, including Denton and Plano.



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