Xylazine, An Animal Tranquilizer, Is Said To Be The New Deadly Street Drug


A new street drug named Xylazine is raising concerns as it is meant for animals, not humans. Now, the state of Michigan is dealing with the prevalent issue.

“Xylazine is a harmful drug when used inappropriately. It’s not approved for human use, and that’s not something that we should be taking. It’s used as a muscle relaxer in horses and other animals,” stated Dr. Gjon Dushaj.

Medical doctors say that Xylazine is being put in counterfeit drugs, and many individuals don’t know it. Experts say that most people die after using it, but some do survive.

“They either go comatose or unconscious non-responsive,” one official noted.

Xylazine is so dangerous that it has the capability of eating a person’s flesh. If an individual is taken to the ER after usage, many medical facilities can’t test for it nor treat it.

Michigan Poison and Drug Information Center at Wayne State University is looking into the matter as the use of Xylazine heightens.

“…so far we have found nearly 200 associated deaths or deaths associated with Xylazine.”

Physicians are urging anyone who is using the street drug to get professional help as it is a life or death situation.

“When you buy drugs off of the street, you never know what you are getting. You should be careful about what you take,” added Dr. Dushaj.


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