‘Y’all Should Leave,’ Arsonist Tells Homeless Residents Before Setting His Texas Home On Fire


A man in White Settlement, Texas, has been apprehended after authorities say that he set his own residence ablaze.

The incident occurred on Saturday in the 1800 block of Raymond Avenue. When firefighters arrived to the location, the house was already up in flames.

Bystanders saw a man fleeing from the scene with only red boxer shorts on.

After detectives released the suspect’s information, a tip led authorities to Aaron Hosak, 36. He was arrested without incident.

Several homeless people who had been staying in the home told police that Hosak told them they should leave, and then he started the fire. Afterwards, he left. The residents told detectives that they had been residing in the home for a couple of weeks.

Officials believe that Hosak purposely set his residence on fire because of financial problems and other issues. However, the exact reason is being investigated.

Hosak is facing a charge of arson of a habitation, a first-degree felony. If found guilty, he could face 5 to 99 years or life in prison.



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