Youth Pastor Arrested For His Participation In The Capitol Riot


On Friday, authorities indicted a Colorado youth pastor who was a part of the Capitol riot. He is facing six counts. These include civil disorder and obstructing an official proceeding.

Tyler Ethridge was named by the FBI after a Bible college associate alerted them. He stated that Ethridge boasted about his role in the riot last year on social media.

The informant stated that the youth pastor was talking to everyone on Facebook. He said that he was “on scaffolding outside Nancy Pelosi’s office and inside the chamber.”

A recording from the day of the occurrence reveals him expressing the risk he took.
“I’m probably gonna lose my job as a pastor after this,” he stated as noted in court documents.

Five people died, including a police officer, as the result of the Capitol riot.
Individuals of the Proud Boys, labeled as a hate group, were also in attendance.

Organizers had been encouraged by former President Donald Trump. He wanted them to protest the results of the 2020 election with him. This came although Democrat Joe Biden won the election.

Members of Congress discussed the certification of the results. They also validated Biden’s presidency inside of the Capitol that day. Meanwhile, Trump supporters planned an attempted coup and charged the Capitol.


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