10 Year Old Boy Faces Adult Charges After Killing His Mother Over Virtual Reality Set


A 10 year old Milwaukee boy is facing adult murder charges after he fatally shot his mother after she refused to buy him a virtual reality headset.

According to police, on November 21 authorities were called to a residence regarding a shooting. When they arrived they found the victim, Quiana Mann, dead from a gunshot wound.

Initially the boy told police he was twirling the gun around his finger when it accidentally went off.

Due to the boys age he was allowed to stay home with family. That next morning authorities received a call from his sister regarding the boys behavior.

She told authorities that the day after her mother was shot the boy logged onto his mothers Amazon account and ordered an Oculus Virtual Reality Headset.

The sister also told police that the boy has ‘rage issues’ and 5 imaginary friends that talk to him everyday. She also said he tortured an animal and physically assaulted family members.

An aunt told police that the next day the boy admitted to killing his mother and showed no remorse. He also asked if he had received a package from Amazon.

When police questioned the boy for a second time he told them he was mad at his mother for waking him up early and not buying the virtual reality headset. He then said that he took her gun out the safe the night before he shot her.

Police say the boy admitted to knowing how dangerous handguns were and said he claimed he didn’t mean to shoot her only to scare her.

The boy was arrested and charged as an adult with first-degree reckless homicide. His bond is set at $50.000 cash.

If convicted he could face up to 60 years in prison. He is expected to make his first court appearance December 7.


  1. May his mother rest in peace. She did not deserve to have her life taken, especially from her own child. I do however feel as though they should charge him as a minor and not an adult, although he killed his mother and did so in the most horrific and horrible manner, he is still a child amd deserves to be punished for his actions however he is still a child and should be charged as a 10 year old child!


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