Man Paralyzed While Being Transported In Police Custody


A man who was injured earlier this month while being transported by New Haven police is now paralyzed from the chest down.

The incident happened on June 19 when 36 year old Randy Cox was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm.

While being transported to the jail facility officers failed to place Cox in a safety belt. Officers came to an abrupt stop to avoid a crash and Cox slid head first into the vans wall.

Cox yelled for help but got no response from the officers. Eventually Officer Diaz pulled over to check on Cox and called for an ambulance to meet them at the station.

Video surveillance released shows officers dragging Cox body through the police station instead of waiting for emergency crews. Cox is heard telling officers that he can’t move his neck.

Cox family says he remains hospitalized and has undergone several surgeries. He also remains on a respirator and feeding tube.

Since the incident five police officers have been placed on paid administrative leave.

Cox attorney Ben Crump has also asked for all video footage regarding the incident.

Crump said Cox is paralyzed because of the “actions and inactions taken by the New Haven Police Department” while he was being transported in a detention van.


  1. Sue those s.o.b.s. they never listened to him. They should be fired immediately. They are responsible for what happened to him.

  2. They All should be FIRED, and charged for NOT waiting for the ambulance. Who the hell they think they are, they have No Medical background, if he said he couldn’t move his next, and continued to slump in the wheel chair why didn’t they not know he was injured. The callousness of the female makes me sick. Would she want her loved one thrown around like this? Where do they get the sense, their Judge, Jury, and Executioner. I hope the family sues the shit out of them. This mis-treatment of inmates is getting Old!!!! My prayers for his healing and improvement.

    1. That’s what made me so upset was that female officer I was sick watching that listening to her, but that’s how they act they think they are the judge & the jury when they are the lowest grade in law enforcement

      1. I am so appalled by that female officer the way she pushed on his head and neck and acted like he was faking causing all the other officers to follow suit.. she should have charges pressed against her for assault

    2. Omfg 🤬
      I could barely watch that
      It’s absolutely heartbreaking 💔
      The driver knew exactly that he was badly injured and said fvck once at the station !!
      And as for those rats 🐀 👮‍♀️ throwing him about and shoving his head 🤬
      Especially the woman
      Heartless b!tches !!!
      I’ll probably get a ban for this but I don’t fkn care
      That guy is left paralysed and got no help AT ALL
      And DRAGGED into a cell
      They deserve a lot more than the sack 🤬🤬🤬
      And they got paid leave
      OMFG‼️ My head is spinning with rage after watching this

      1. I agree 100% with your comment. That dumb fuc*ing cu*my needs her fat As* kicked. That all are happy AF they get to take paid time off to enjoy the nice weather. Smh

      2. I completely agree . This world is full of incompetent people. It’s a dam shame they would even allow people like this in law enforcement and PAID leave!!! Are you kidding me a free vacation! Completely unacceptable and why are these creeps not being charged as well. This is worse then his petty crime. If I were a judge .. every single person would be charged and put in a prison cell. Poor guy . I hope the hand of God heals him .

    3. I TOTALLY agree with you from beginning to end. I mean, my stomach is LITERALLY hurting just watching the way they were handling and throwing him around like that. You NEVER move a patient, drunk or not and he hit his head HARD! YOU HEARD IT ON THE COPS CAMERA!! He LITERALLY BROKE THAT MAN’S NECK, YOUR CAN SEE IT ON THE PLAYBACK VIDEO!!! He was getting to tell them and rather he was drunk or not, the female bitch officer LITERALLY dragged that man!! Somebody needs to drag her ass around or her family member and see how she lives it. He laid stuck in that position, what person (criminal or not) would lay stuck in that position if they weren’t REALLY hurt! But they off work GETTING PAID while this man CRMINAL OR NOT, laid up making bills being tube fed. And then he CONTINUED to drive, that was the library half block in my life! THE OFFICER WAS ALL ON HIS PHONE WHILE DRIVING, THAT’S ILLEGAL ENOUGH RIGHT THERE! They be l criminals being transported by they can be transported ILLEGALLY without a seat belt?? THIS IS SICK AND HOPE THEY ALL GET CHARGED AND GET THE SHIT SUED OUT OF THEM ALL!! AND HE NEEDS TO GET PAID CUZ THEY RUINED THE REST OF HIS LIFE!!!

  3. They NEVER even called a nurse other medical staff on duty at the jail to come look at him.


    1. I have never in my life seen such unprofessional and incompetent treatment of a person who tells me that he is injured.
      Perhaps one should soon begin to properly train the police before they are sent to the streets. In Denmark, it takes 4 years to become a police officer and then you are only allowed to drive out if you have an experienced police officer with you.

  4. If we all would simply enact the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and form civilian militias we wouldn’t be in these situations.

  5. On PAID LEAVE!? FIRE THEY ASS! so sick to watch and hear how careless they are to what he’s saying is wrong with him… I hope the family suses the shit out of that department!

    1. Agreed. They get a paid vacation after the way they callously treated another human being? They should be fired and charged criminally. Disgusting and sickening!

  6. While I can see both sides of this coin, one Mr. Cox shouldn’t have been in possession of a firearm then he’d never been arrested. The other side is that ALL LEO involved should. and quite possibly will, be fired. I cannot believe how callous, careless, and ignorant those officers were towards Mr. Cox! There is no excuse in the world ANY of them can come up with to excuse all of their actions towards Mr. Cox! I feel so horrible for this man and his whole family. THIS should never have happened. Just because he was arrested and charged does NOT give any of them the authority nor permission to treat anyone with such disregard and disrespect. Do better New Haven LEOs! Do Better!

  7. I bet they lied about coming to an abrupt stop to avoid an accident. I bet they stopped like that on purpose because they were annoyed by the inmate banging on the door with his feet. If I were the attorney I’d ask for dash cam video as well. These officers of the law are pieces of shit and should be fired and charged.

  8. Prayers for this man and family! In more than 1 state this is how inmates get treated my son being 1 of them & breaking the law my not be right BUT the disgusting sickening actions of most law etc GOT alot worse problems than anything else!!!!

  9. Driving officer should have been fire immediately for failure to follow procedure endangerment of life careless drive driving whilst using a mobile phone failure to provide medical assistance, the rest should be fire for failing to provide medical assistance assault and and failing to follow procedures how on earth they have been suspended on full pay is utterly disgusting and criminal the justice system in America is beyond backwards its unbelievable how they get away with this time and time again

  10. These cops are trained just like paramedics to leave the person and not move them. They knew better and still disregarded the rules. They don’t care cuz he’s someone who broke the law and not in their class so they don’t care how they treat him. They will probably come up with the excuse of he’s just a law breaker anyway. They obviously had seat belts in the transport cuz you can see them sitting there. I’d like to know what excuse he has for not putting it on him when loading him in. They should all lose their jobs and not be allowed to get their pension. They should all be charged as well for their harsh treatment of him. I hope they follow up with this. So sorry for Mr. Cox and his family.

  11. Those filthy pigs should all be held to account and paying them while on leave is an absolute joke!!!

  12. This was so sad to which and this is all the office fault for not using the set belts he needs to be fired .(simple )Also all the others cops 👮‍♀️ should be fired for the way they treated him

  13. Just how the fuck do they think he found himself to be face down at the other end of that truck. The driver should have spoke up more, and louder. He should have taken responsibility and made them realise that it was he that sent him crashing from one end of the truck to the other. Fuck sake, I’m so angry. Power tripping bullies is all they are. Sick fucks.

  14. As more mins ticked by, I became more an more tcked off. By the ending I was fuming. How can you disregard someone saying over an over , my neck hurts, I think I broke my neck? Immediately after dragging him out of the back of the floor of the truck , because he can’ t stand on his own two feet. So you belittle him an push him around. Degrade him, an when he just crumbles to the ground , ya all grab him an drag him down a hallway an push him into a cell. Tell me if you had left him in the van with a pill under his head, resting an not moving until medical arrived. You think I may have been a better diagnosis for him ..YOU THINK.. BITCHE do you smart ass know it all bitches think..Cause I really think you dragging , hitting, moving , banging, turning, his neck every where REALLY RUINED THIS YOUNG MANS LIFE. aYOu all need a new line of work. Not working with people. Try a factory. They have nasty mouths you would fit right in

  15. What the hell is wrong with these officers???? It’s common knowledge TO NOT MOVE SOMEONE WHO IS UNABLE TO MOVE!


    ON TOP OF THAT, IF HE HAS A CLEAN RECORD BEFORE THIS HE SHOULD NOT FACE ANY POSSESSION OF A FIREARM. Unless evidence clearly links him to a crime with the firearm.

    That said these officers should be FIRED IMMEDIATLEY.


  16. Too many people take these drops and forget that these those they arrest is still somebody child and they are in your custody you outght to treat them as you would like a someone to treat your child in that situation. D man hands are behind his back the least they cud of done to ensure the man safety is put him in a seatbelt. I hope they all lose their job and their pensions. I hope his family sues the state for negligence and win alot of money to care for him for the rest of his life. God knows it wont ve east

  17. They all need to be fired and charged immediately!!! They deserve to pay for how they treated this man!! That woman 🤬🤬!!! They better understand you can’t treat people all types of ways! They don’t need no pay!! I pray his family gets the justice they deserve for him🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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