11 Year Old Boy Accidentally Stabbed While Walking Through Haunted House


An actor at an Ohio haunted house has reportedly stabbed an 11 year old boy with a real knife.
The incident took place on September 18 around 8pm at the 7 Floors of Hell Haunted House.
The boy was going through the attraction with family when they were approached by a 22 year old actor with a large fixed-blade knife as a prop.
The actor says he was just trying to scare the family and had scraped and stabbed his knife across the ground.
Unknowingly he stabbed through the boys shoes cutting his left toe.
Staff immediately rendered aid and contacted his parent.
The child declined further medical assistance and asked to complete the haunted house.
The knife was confiscated from the actor.
He told authorities that “he brought it from home and used it instead of using the provided prop knives from the haunted houses.
The boys mother has since filed a negligent assault charge against the actor and haunted house.


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