11 Year Old Girl Scared To Go Back To School After Bullies Said She Looked Like She’d Been Left In The Oven Too Long


11-year-old Dalaya Hooper, a student in North Carolina, was scared to go back to school after comments she received from racist bullies. They had told the girl that she looked like ‘she stayed in the oven too long,’ due to her skin color.

Hooper told her mother, Dawnetta, about the racists remarks by the bullies and said that she wanted to transfer to another school. Dawnetta then used Facebook to bring attention to bullying and racism at Riverwood Middle School. She did so by uploading screenshots of the text messages.

“Mommy, can I please switch schools? Everyone keeps making fun of my skin color and the way I look. And then, people keep making jokes saying I’m from Africa because I’m super black. They said I stayed in the oven too long because I’m basically the color of burnt. They won’t stop even when I tell them to. And they think it’s funny when it’s not. They think I can change my skin color,” Dalaya texted her mother.

Dawnetta said that she immediately went to the school after getting the message from her daughter. She had previously informed the school’s administration of this problem a few months ago, and her daughter had told her teacher about the bullying, as well.

Now, the mother has warned that if the school doesn’t deal with the situation, then she will.

Many online have now expressed their support for Dalaya. Dawnetta has said that her daughter went back to school as she was worried that her peers would think it was her fault if the bullies got in trouble.

Johnston Public Schools stated that they are now looking into the matter.

Dalaya’s relatives met with administration of Friday and are demanding action be taken against the bullies.

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