14-Year-Old Mansfield Athlete Who Collapsed Twice Grateful For Her Life Being Saved

Courtesy: Fox 4

After experiencing two medical emergencies, a Mansfield athlete’s life was saved on both occasions.

On one occurrence, 14-year-old Cirye Carpenter’s mother had to step in and help her daughter.

On Wednesday, many expressed their emotions as they were inside the Jobe Middle School gymnasium where the life-changing event happened.

“I honestly don’t know how I can show my thanks,” Carpenter stated.

With her mom and head basketball coach next to her, Cirye received well wishes.

“We had so many procedures in place and everything just worked out very smoothly,” stated Coach Jeri Eddins.

Cirye is now expected to have an operation next week after dealing with two medical emergencies.

Back in November, the 14-year-old, who throws the shot put and discus, plays softball and basketball, collapsed during a basketball game.

She was then revived and transported to a medical facility where she received medical attention and was released.

However, two weeks after that, another medical emergency occurred, and luckily, an AED device was close by. Cirye had been on the bench during the game and had fallen out again.

“…everybody was just there and did their roles,” Eddins added.

“I get her down on the ground. I’m trying to feel for her pulse, but I could barely feel anything. The anxiety comes after…,” said a parent who is a nurse.

Cirye says that she is appreciative and ready to have her operation and can’t wait to play sports again.

“It kinda hurts like seeing my team play without me and not being able to do anything because I’m usually always active,” she commented.

Cirye’s medical concerns will be resolved once she has the operation, and her physicians think she will be back to playing sports in no time.


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