16-Year-Old Girl Found Dead Prior To Serving Her First Ever Detention


16-year-old Caitlin Scott-Lee is said to have taken her own life the day prior to her having to serve her first ever detention.

Caitlin was discovered at Wycombe Abbey School in Buckinghamshire on April 21 last year.

Documents show that Caitlin had gotten a detention after alcohol was discovered in her locker.

Her father noted that his daughter had been autistic.

Staff started to look for Caitlin after she didn’t return in time for curfew at her boarding school accommodation on April 21. She was then discovered at an isolated area of the school.

Alcohol was discovered in her possession on March 19, and 2 days following that, Caitlin was supposed to play at a concert.

However, she had gone missing and was located more than 2 miles away at her mother’s residence.

A diary entry located after her death found that Caitlin said this occurrence was her “best cry out for help.”

Staff at the school think that Caitlin had fled from the concert because she did not want her mother to see her play.

Prior to her death, Caitlin had problems with her parents watching her play music and had emailed her mother requesting her not to show up to the concert.

An investigation is continuing.

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