17-Year-Old Student And His Adult Brother Arrested For Beating Up Basketball Coach After Teen Was Benched


Authorities have stated that two people were taken into custody after being accused of assaulting a basketball coach after a game.

The incident occurred at Willis High School in Conroe, Texas, on Dec. 5, at about 9:50 p.m. That’s when deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office answered to a report about an assault in the school’s parking lot.

Deputies documented that the coach was found with wounds to his head, neck, face, and arms because of the assault.

The coach disclosed to authorities that he had been attacked by multiple people, including Jevin Allen, a 17-year-old student. This had been after a basketball game had taken place against Conroe High School.

The coach added that Jevin was benched during the game due to his behavior toward a player on the other team. This angered Jevin and his relatives, the coach said.

When the team had gotten back to Willis High School, Jevin and his family had been waiting for the coach in the parking lot, the coach recounted.

Police records show that the family walked up to the coach and started a verbal dispute that eventually led to Jevin punching the coach in the face.

Then, simultaneously, Jevin’s brother, Jarrick Allen, 22, also started to assault the coach.

Another coach who saw what was happening tried to stop the fight, along with others who had been standing around. Once the fight was stopped, both suspects left the location.

After looking at camera footage and questioning witnesses, deputies were able to find and apprehend the suspects.

They were both transported to the Montgomery County Jail but have been freed after each posted a $23,000 bond.

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