18 Year Old Raul Rosas Jr. Youngest UFC Winner In History


After a victory this weekend, Raul Rosas Jr. is the youngest fighter and winner in the history of the UFC.

Rosas is 5-foot-9, 135 pounds and competes in the Bantamweight division. He is from Clovis, New Mexico and was born on October 8, 2004.

Rosas made his professional debut for the Mexican promotion Ultimate Warrior Challenge Mexico. He had been invited to be featured on Dana White’s Contender Series 55 subsequent to starting his career 5-0. He was almost successful at delivering a knockout as he fought his first fight.

In September, Rosas was victorious against Mando Gutierrez by a unanimous decision and earned a record-breaking UFC contract. He had only been 17 at the time, so he had to have his parents’ consent.

Thus, Saturday evening was historic. Rosas fought against Jay Perrin at the UFC 282 in the final card of 2022.

The senior in high school beat his opponent so bad that the fight never made it to the second round nor the two-minute mark.

The match ended with Perrin in a rear naked choke, resulting in a tap.

As soon as the fight was over, Rosas Jr. grabbed the microphone and requested a $50,000 win bonus. This is so that he can purchase a minivan for his mom to transport him to the UFC performance institute.

“I living like in a movie right now,” Rosas Jr. stated.

It was a special night for the UFC, and it comes from Rosas’ big debut.

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